Life is movement

The ability to move allows you to perform the activities that make you feel alive! But tightness, pain, injuries, falls, and accidents can prevent or restrict you from doing the activities you love to do. My mission is to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness by targeting as many factors that relate to human movement and educate your mind and body to allow for optimal movement.

The process of movement requires a complex integrative system of the bones, joints, muscles, nerves and the brain; to work together. That means, if you want to feel better and especially move better you have to address all these areas to make sure they function effectively. While structural alignment dictates function, all your muscles working together dictate how well you function, and lastly, how well your brain orchestrates movement will determine how well you function. With too much stress, physical trauma, or poor body mechanics and development the body will present symptoms of tightness, pain, or allow for injury.

My role (I can also work in conjunction to any wellness team) is to STRATEGICALLY ASSESS structure, muscular, and sensory motor control asymmetries or deficits. We will then STRATEGICALLY ACTIVATE specific structural, muscular and motor responses to help correct and reshape how the brain communicates to the body.

Finally we will develop a STRATEGIC FITNESS PROCESS and apply these new ideas of posture, muscular contractions, and movement to your everyday activities to make sure that your body internalizes and embraces the changes we made to allow for optimal pain free movement.



Glen de los Reyes has a B.A in Exercise and Sports Science with an emphasis in Athletic Training. He is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Posturologist, Muscle Activation Technique Specialist, Motor Control Restoration Specialist, Reaistance Training Specialist intern, and Nutritional Therapist. He believes postural alignment, muscle contractibility, proper motor control and movement pattern development with exercise along with individualized nutrition are fundamental to the optimal health of your mind and body.

Before developing an exercise program for each individual, Glen assesses any structural misalignments, tight or weak muscles, poor motor or movement patterns, or even pain which could be preventing an individual from exercising or performing activities that they love to do. Through Glen’s work of integrating neuromuscular techniques and movement progressions Glen will strive to optimize proper communication between the brain and the body increasing stability and mobility through more responsive muscular contraction, restoring structural alignment, and coordinating more efficient motor control providing more efficient movement patterns that are immediate and long lasting!

Glen will also address any nutritional deficiencies which could be creating poor digestive symptoms or hinder any progress of losing weight. Glen will formulate a personalized nutrition plan that is unique to the dietary needs of each individual, correct any deficiency or digestive symptom, and ensure each plan contains the essential components for good overall health!