Your Online Fitness Strategy

Your Online Fitness Strategy option features the same level of insight and attention to detail except we can deliver the results wherever you are in the world.

Here's how it works:

We start online:

As with our in person format, everything starts with Body Movement Assessment. Here we have a discussion on FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom about your medical history, your present situation and your goals.

Structural Assessment

We will start with structural and joint assessment determining any discrepancies in a standing position along with different gait positions or any posture or position frequently performed directed via your computer camera.

Muscular System

We will then take an in depth assessment of your muscular system with an active range of motion exam. This will give us both a clear indication where your current limitations show up and how they effect the joints and areas above and below the limited areas.

Your Fitness Strategy

Based on your history and assessment we will then discuss and begin to organize a plan for Your Fitness Strategy. Upon practicing and performing your new set of exercises online with me, you then receive descriptive videos for Your Fitness Strategy of tailored exercises. This will support:

  • managing discomfort with specific modalities
  • creating stability with isometric and dynamic exercises
  • orchestration of movement with neurological motor development exercises

With this option you will feel like you could go any where in this world and feel empowered with tools to help you feel prepared to conquer any task!